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"These videos should be required to watch before anyone throws their leg over a motorcycle! The more I watch your videos, the more I feel as "ONE" with my Harley. It's Amazing. Who knew that you could actually learn to be a better and safer rider from a video?My low speed handling Rocks now! I can do things on my bike that I could never do before. And your 3 bonuses are truly Amazing. They are probably the most profound insights about riding on the street that I ever seen or heard of... I cannot believe you actually rode over a tree log at 25 mph (on your Harley) to teach us.... If you can't avoid an object on the road, go over it! That's a great video! Again, truly amazing... Thank you"
-Jack from Mesa, AZ (riding for 27 yrs)
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Thousands of testimonials from 
bikers just like you!

"I guess you can call me a motorcycle training junkie... I have been an MSF Instructor for the past five years, I teach the beginner and advanced course. I've been riding for the past 14 years and was always amazed at how well motor officers handled their motorcycles. I just had to learn it!!! I purchased a Police Style Motorcycle Training DVD and book from **** **** * ***, let's just say my riding skills didn't change much, very little actually. I then purchased his other 4 DVD's in hopes of improving my skills... Again, no improvement, I kept dropping my motorcycle over and over, got frustrated and just wasted more of my hard earned money... But I had a few laughs watching his videos...He should have been a comedian. I then searched for and watched all the videos on YouTube. Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the level of training I received from your ProRider videos. I have never seen it explained the way you explain it... It makes so much more sense to me now! I watched your videos for a couple hours, went outside and practiced the slow cone weave, then pulled out my phone, logged into the ProRider membership site and watched more of your videos. After an hour of practicing your techniques, I was able to do a full circle in my small driveway and never dropped my bike! Can you believe it??? I could never do this before.... I can't wait to watch more! Absolutely Amazing!!! I plan on practicing your techniques more often and want to enter my first rodeo next year, wish me luck! Thanks again for being such a great Instructor!!!
- Mike from Florida

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