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These Techniques work on EVERY 
two wheeled motorcycle with a clutch!
Discover How Motor Officers Can Do Extremely Tight Turns 
At Full Lock & Lean Without Dropping Their Motorcycles!  
Discover How Motor Officers 
Can Do Extremely Tight Turns 
At Full Lock & Lean Without 
Dropping Their Motorcycles!  
You've seen the VIRAL VIDEOS of police motor officers competing in the cone courses... 
Several Million views & social media shares!   Well, guess what... We didn't achieve this
level of control from "just riding" for 10 or 20 years... that's impossible!

This level of skill is NOT ATTAINABLE without specific Motor Officer Style Training!

Thousands of spectators attend police motorcycle rodeos just to get a glimpse of these skills in person!
It's Absolutely Amazing and demonstrates what total control of a motorcycle looks like!

And... Guess what? Thousands of these "spectators" are no longer spectating...
They are actually competing in these rodeos now.... Yes, they were able to learn it 
without becoming a police officer and without attending Police Motor School... Thanks to ProRider!

This sport is growing rapidly!!! Competing is not for everyone, I get that... 
But EVERY RIDER deserves to learn these Motor Officer techniques 
& I'm going to teach you today!

Your NOT going to learn these ADVANCED techniques at any MSF, A.B.A.T.E 
or Harley Riding Academy type of school. 
These schools are the very best at teaching beginners and I highly recommend them. 
Their instructors are fantastic but they are Not Qualified, Certified or even Allowed 
to teach the Advanced Motor Officer techniques.  Our motor officer techniques are 
NOT in their curriculum and never was. ProRider is completely different and is the next level of training! 
*REMEMBER GUYS* Practice doesn't make perfect if your doing it wrong!!!




Skills - Total Control - Safety
Do you dread making tight U-turns and low speed maneuvers? Do you have to "duck walk" your bike or drag your boots when making tight turns in confined spaces? 

Most riders do, I did the same thing until I was properly trained at police motor school. It's not your fault, there was no training available for you, but now there is and you have no excuses. 
We will teach you to master the same skills and techniques used by Motormen across the country. We currently train and certify the Police Motor Officers, now I want to train you too!
If you want to learn it....Why not have certified 
police motor instructors/ rodeo competitors teach you? 
Yes, we also teach & certify Police Motor Officers yearly!
About ProRider
I’m BJ McMullan, CEO of “ProRider Motorcycle Training”, a U.S. ARMY Veteran, Certified Motor Officer & Certified Police Motor Instructor. 

I have been a police officer for the past 25 years, graduated Police Motor School 2006 then a few years later I graduated Police Motor Instructor School.  I have trained, certified and re-certified hundreds of Police Motor Officers and Motor Medics since becoming a motor instructor and several thousands of riders just like you. I also teach additional training throughout the year including a sidecar training course.  I have won numerous awards, including “Overall Winner” while competing in motorcycle skills competitions (Police Motorcycle Rodeos) across the country.

ProRider has expanded to numerous training locations across the country.We are the largest and fastest growing advanced motorcycle training school in the world the specializes in teching the motor officer techniques and have some of the best certified instructors you can find! 

We are proud to say that we grew to become your largest and most trusted motorcycle training school in the world that specializes in teaching the police motor officer techniques to ALL riders. We have trained several thousand riders including Hollywood actors for motorcycle movie scenes. We are also proud to say that this video training course quickly became the #1 best selling motorcyle training video in the world ! Check out our fantastic reviews below!!!

Our training program is a constant progression within the motorcycle training industry. When we learn new techniques and skills to better ourselves, we immediately include these new methods in our training curriculum. Every year through our training, research, and accident reconstruction, we can provide our students with the most up-to-date training available.

Don't worry, I keep my promises! And like to "Overdeliver".  Here are your 3 FREE Training Videos that I took out of my course just for you! Follow these lessons to improve your riding today! Now I wish I could give you more training videos but that wouldn't be fair to the THOUSANDS OF RIDERS who 
already invested in our course to improve their Riding Skills!

Obviously every training video in our advanced course is absolutely AMAZING but I just wanted to show you guys a glimpse of whats inside this course, so I picked these videos to help you... 

So If you think these videos are informative, wait until you watch the videos that are restricted for 
our Member's ONLY! You will regret not joining sooner!

Check Out What "Bikers" Are Saying About ProRider!


Pittsburghers have some special people associated with their city, from sports figures to great musicians......But add to the list "The Rock Star of Motorcycling" Motor Officer BJ McMullan and his "ProRider" motorcycle skills course. BJ McMullan, possessing the skills of a special elite group nationwide, actually offers the opportunity to the public to learn his special techniques! In taking the course, I also realized that it also takes a special guy to be able to transfer this knowledge from his level to mine. This course is a yearly "must do", to help master and maintain control of your 2-wheel machine. The way I see it, total control of your bike equals the 2 most important things to a rider; safety on the road and maximum enjoyment on the ride.
Joe Schmitt

There are many things that money can't buy. Love, happiness, manners.... etc. However, money CAN buy skills training for handling your motorcycle. ProRider Pittsburgh is the absolute best way to gain those crucial handling skills that you may not have even known you needed. I have taken this class 3 times in 2 years, and I plan to make this class an annual event. BJ McMullan and his talented group of professional Police Officer and EMS Responder instructors never fail to instill skill and inspire me to push further on my nearly 1000lb motorcycle than I ever thought I could. If you think you can, you can. No matter what you ride, the best investment you can make is learning how to ride with the pro's!
Jason Martino

Just home from my first ProRider Pittsburgh, Advanced Rider Course. What a day! The course is a progression of exercises designed to begin with the basics and layer additional skill sets throughout the whole day. The lunch break discussion among the riders centered on how difficult each exercise "seemed" the first few times through, but had become second nature as additional challenges were presented in succession. Imagine if you will, having the opportunity to spend time on a course with an expert who not only rides for a living, but also teaches others who ride for their livelihoods. Enter BJ McMullan. His demonstration of each exercise is textbook perfect. His coaching is patient and effective. I made some new friends, exchanged contact info with other riders. I fine-tuned some basic skills. Corrected bad habits. I gained some new skills that may one day save me from injury. What a day! After a couple months of practice, I'm going back for more.
Joe Holden

These guys are top notch. The program is an excellent way to build skills, build confidence and have more fun riding. Plus, these guys make it all fun and are super supportive. I will be one of their many repeat customers. I highly recommend ProRider Pittsburgh.
Eric Trow


I took the very first ProRider Pittsburgh class offered, in October of 2014. Not only do I HIGHLY recommend taking this course, I honestly believe that the lessons and skills taught by BJ and his other coaches will save your life. It's not all about riding in circles, this class teaches you advanced handling and braking techniques that are vital to everyday riding. Not to mention you'll never duck walk your motorcycle again after completion. Don't let your ego get in your way, I don't care if you've been riding for 30 years, you will be a better rider after you take this course. Guaranteed
Jerry Kenna

After more than 40 years of riding motorcycles, I took this course and came away with more confidence than ever. Some of the skills I learned were things I had already been doing, but it was nice to learn why and the physics behind it. I plan on taking the course again, to both improve my skills further and also just for the enjoyment of it. I highly recommend it to anyone that rides.
Paul R.

Once again, I attended another ProRider class. All I can say is, it doesn’t get any better than this for advancing your skills. BJ is one hell of an instructor. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who rides. Thanks BJ and family for the excellent training.
Kevin McCann

BJ, Thanks for a great session yesterday. After watching some ProRider videos online, I thought that there was no way I could ever do these drills like that. My bike was too low, too long and too heavy, and I just wasn't that good of a rider despite 15 years’ experience. I gave it a shot though, and boy was I wrong! Using the techniques, you and the other instructors taught us, I was able to do things on my bike that I never thought possible. I still can't believe that I was able to do the Double 360 and the Iron Cross, I feel safer and more confident on the bike now, and I also picked up a lot of great riding tips that will keep me safe when on the road. Believe me, if I can learn to do these techniques, anyone can. If people are hesitant, they should just sign up and come out, they WILL become a better rider.
David Schneider- Yamaha V-Star 950

Discover why motor officers ALWAYS mount & dismount
from the high side and why YOU should too! It's Revealed (with so much more) 
inside our full Online Video Training Course!
Head & Eyes Lesson (for extremely tight turns at low speed)
Mastering The Friction Zone (edited version from full course)
Riding With A Passenger (in the cone courses)

Discover why motor officers ALWAYS mount & dismount
from the high side and why YOU should too! It's Revealed (with so much more)
inside our Full Video Course with lifetime access!

We reveal tips and tricks that you cannot find in any other motorcycle training video. We will show you how to easily practice these skills in any empty parking lot. Small cones would be helpful but not required, all you need is some chalk and string, I will show you how to easily set this up inside our Member's Only area. 

This training will be the best accessory that you ever purchased for your bike!
The ProRider Member's Area!
So, what exactly is the ProRider Member's Area?  It's sort-of like Netflix where you log-in and watch all lessons but NO monthly fee. Just one payment for unlimited lifetime access!

There are NO monthly fee's, this is not a subscription.  Just one payment & get immediate lifetime access!

You can watch ALL Lessons RIGHT NOW & start your training today! 
All training lessons Find the exact lesson you wish to work on and watch that video instantly. 

Unlimited Lifetime Access Learn what you want, when you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Devour the content as fast and often as you like.

Truly On-Demand Watch the content from your computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV! Switch between them as you like with your one account.

What this means for you...  You will have the ability to bring this training with you to your closest church or school parking lot and refer to it while learning & practicing these skills... Just log-in on your smart phone!

I'm going to include... "ALL Future Videos"  
Yes, I will continue to upload new videos into the ProRider Members 
Area for years to come. You Will Have Access to ALL Videos!!!

These "Future Videos" will soon be a monthly 
subscription at $5.99 a month ($71.88 a year)
but you get it for FREE today!

We have already started to add these 
"FUTURE VIDEOS" to the Members Area! 

#1. How to win any slow race at bike night!
#2. How to safely GO OVER an object on the road. 
#3. How to prevent and survive the "Death Wobble". 
Here Is What You Get Today...
Plus So Much More!
  • Step-By-Step Training - Over 2 hours of Training Videos From Certified Police Motor Instructors/ Police Rodeo Competitors! 
  • BONUS #1- ALL FUTURE VIDEOS Included! (Valued at $71 a year)
  • BONUS #2- Printable Course Diagrams & Video On How to Set Up!
  • Bonus #3- Best way to Secure/ Tie Down Your Bike on a Trailer!    (I bet you've never seen this Tie Down Trick before)
  • You Will Have Immediate Lifetime Access to all current and future training!
  • Step-By-Step Detailed Video Instruction!
If all this training did was teach you rear end crash avoidance,
helping to save you and your passenger... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was teach you how to stop your bike 
faster and avoid a collision... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was help you prevent,
correct and survive the "Death Wobble"... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was save your paint 
and chrome... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was build 
your low speed confidence... Would it be worth it?
If all this training did was teach you rear end crash avoidance,
helping to save you and your passenger... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was teach you how to stop your bike 
faster and avoid a collision... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was help you prevent,
correct and survive the "Death Wobble"... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was save your paint 
and chrome... Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was build 
your low speed confidence... Would it be worth it?

Are You Ready To See... 
What You've Been Missing Out On?

As seen on

*ProRider Motorcycle Training has been featured in all the leading 
  Motorcycle Magazines including Thunder Roads, Vlogs and Podcasts. 
*ProRider Instructors are invited to speak and perform riding 
  demos at major motorcycle events across the country.
*This ProRider Video Training Course was Proudly Sponsored By Harley-Davidson!
*Our Nationwide Training Locations can be found at

Don't Just Take My Word For It...
Take the Word of THOUSANDS of other Experienced Riders 

The #1 Best Selling Motorcyle 
Training Video Course in the World!

From Riders Just Like YOU!


Get It ALL Today For 70% OFF...

Total Value of $118.00

Only... $47

BONUS #1 is going away SOON!!!


Why pay more for this same training tomorrow?
Or worse yet... Never Learn These Techniques!

 Today Only... $47
All Bonuses Included!
  • Fully lock those bars and lean it LIKE THE PROS DO!
  • Ride with more confidence than ever before!
  • Learn the most effective emergency braking techniques!
  • Your passenger will love your new skills!
  • Other "Bikers" will immediately notice your skills before your accessories at  your next "bike night".
  • Over 2 Hours of Video!
  • Step-By-Step & Easy to Learn!
  • On road safety tips, lane positioning & crash avoidance.
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